Thermotron was established in 1977 by Evangelos Tolios, Dimitrios Paschalidis and Dimitrios Skantzouris. While still in college, they worked together, joining forces. Intrigued and fascinated by automation systems, they created an innovative company with the core vision of applying the technology of tomorrow to the production processes of today. Going through the first difficult years and while the technology of the time was still at an infant stage, they were able to manufacture the first automated systems for folding readymade garments. Right from the early years, the three partners and fellow students established the 5 main pillars of the company.

Totally dedicated to their work, methodical and hardworking, and making many personal sacrifices, the three men managed to solidify the company’s position as one of the most advanced manufacturers of automated readymade garment packing systems worldwide. Eight years ago, the Thermotron founders passed the company torch to the next generation, their three sons Ioannis Tolios, Georgios Paschalidis and Christos Skantzouris. After the transition and once the new leadership had fully assumed the reins of the company, Thermotron experienced spectacular growth in terms of its R&D, the production process and sales development on a worldwide scale.

Founder | Client Director


Founder | Client Director


Founder | Client Director


The evolution

It is a fact that today, 44 years later, the accumulated quality experience of the old generation combined with the knowledge and hard work of the new generation created the perfect conditions for Thermotron’s rapid growth and a highly promising future.

Τόλιος Ιωάννης

BoD Chairman & Production Director

Πασχαλίδης Γεώργιος

BoD Vice-Chairman & Sales Director

Σκαντζούρης Χρήστος

BoD Member & Research & Development Director