Corporate Social Responsibility

For our Company, Corporate Social Responsibility is a vital element of our business operations and our management model. Our goal is to always provide our products and services to the public with responsibility and respect. One of Thermotron’s core values and important principles, throughout its history, has been our constant effort to contribute to the progress and prosperity of the Greek society.

Adopting these principles has led us to foster a corporate culture that is the basis of our intent, as a company, to operate responsibly in all areas that constitute important pillars of sustainable development. According to the definition in the Green Paper on Corporate Social Responsibility (European Commission, 2001), it is the concept whereby companies voluntarily integrate social and environmental concerns into their business operations and in their dealings with their stakeholders, as they recognise that responsible conduct leads to business success. (Source: Hellenic Network for Corporate Social Responsibility)

External Social Responsibility

External Corporate Social Responsibility concerns the extension of our company’s responsibility to the local community. It is targeted to a wide range of stakeholders, that are not limited to our employees and shareholders but include our business partners, suppliers and customers, as well as the public authorities that represent the local communities or deal with the environment.

Internal Social Responsibility

In our company, Internal Social Responsibility mainly concerns our staff, as it involves matters such as the investment to human resources, health and job security. These lay the path for social development and the improvement of competitiveness.