Human resources

Thermotron SA, as the leading company in its field, provides more than 60 direct and indirect jobs, while fostering excellent working conditions, marked by safety, equality, stability and an employee commitment to the company values. Over a course of 44 years, the company offers an excellent working environment, where all employees enjoy ideal working conditions. Thermotron offers opportunities for personal development and engaging teamwork. Maintaining a responsible and utterly professional conduct, the company lays a solid foundation for its financial growth and robustness.

The goal of the company is for constant initiative, the reward of innovation and the encouragement of personal and professional development to become solid pillars of growth for any employee. The company environment provides the working conditions that directly satisfy all the requirements for development and creativity.

Our human resources are today our strongest and most valuable asset. The qualifications of our employees, the sense of accomplishment they draw from their work, the feeling of fair treatment and their participation in the common company goals are the basis for the company productivity, the high level of our customer service, our reputation and our image.

Tolios Evagelos


Paschalidis Dimitrios


Skantzouris Dimitrios


Our team

The best investment for the future

One of the main competitive advantages of Thermotron SA are its people. Our expertly trained and highly motivated personnel have played a major role in the company’s growth and success.

Our expertly trained and highly motivated personnel have played a major role in the company’s growth and success. Our company offers the opportunity of a creative and productive career, full of success and new challenges to people with exceptional qualifications and professional ambition. At the same time, we continue to seek new, promising talent and highly specialised professionals.

Thermotron SA is very intent on attracting and retaining, in Greece and abroad, an expertly trained staff, driven and ambitious. To ensure the high level of specialisation of its employees and the continuous improvement of their performance, as well as their unimpeded personal and professional development, the company regularly offers a series of training courses and seminars, in the framework of its general approach and policy on lifelong learning.

Board of Directors

Tolios Ioannis
o Chairman of the Board & Production Manager

Paschalidis Georgios
o Vice Chairman of the Board & Sales Manager

Skantzouris Christos
o Board Member & Director of Research and Development


Paschalidis Georgios
Sales Manager

Vasiloudas Petros

Research & Development

Skantzouris Christos
R&D Manager

Moschatos Loukas
Desing Specialist


Tolios Ioannis
Production Manager

Kirmanidis Georgios
Electrical Engineer

Avgeris Paschalis
Mechanical Engineer

Procurement & Finance

Martou Asimina
Finance & Accounting

Soukoulis Christos