Head Offices

The company’s registered and head offices are located in east Thessaloniki (Northern Greece), at 174 K. Karamanli Ave. Taking full advantage of the efficiently organised environment and excellent technical infrastructure, the company immediately and expertly supports the growing sales needs in over 40 countries, worldwide.

Production & Warehouses

The production and R&D departments are housed in a modern privately owned 1500m2 industrial plant at the Lakkoma Industrial Park in Chalkidiki. Having invested more than €2.5M and benefiting from the teamwork of our specialised staff, we continuously develop new and innovative packing systems of high reliability and durability. The 600m2 warehouses and utility areas of the company are housed in an adjacent, independent facility.


Recognising the increasingly demanding requirements posed by its growing needs and aiming to diversify the skillset of the R&D Department, the company has secured all necessary financial resources in order to build new, ultra-modern facilities in the near future. The new investment, which will be completed by 2023, aims at further supporting the company’s growth plans, as it constantly strives to meet all the requirements in its industry.