Company Profile

The combination of knowledge and experience allowed us to create everything we offer today.

Thermotron SA was established in 1977 in Thessaloniki by Evangelos Tolios, Dimitrios Paschalidis and Dimitrios Skantzouris, to manufacture machines and provide cutting-edge technology services designed to assist in the set up and operation of production plants in the clothing industry. Since it was established and up to this day, it has been one of the leading companies in designing, implementing, and supporting comprehensive systems consisting of folding and packing machines for readymade garments. The experience, specialised know-how and level of knowledge of its people are a drive the quality of the services provided by the company and help its customers to achieve their strategic and financial targets.

Thermotron SA is a Greek company, active in the industrial textile machines sector for 44 years. It has consistently ranked among the 10 largest automatic systems manufacturers in the readymade garment packing industry worldwide. With an established presence in more than 40 countries all over the world and 1,225 active customers, Thermotron stands for solid, durable and reliable solutions. The company’s firm commitment to fully meeting its customers’ needs and developing mutually beneficial relationships is an integral part of our customer-focused business philosophy.

The evolution of IT and the new technologies were the corner stone for the development of our internal structure and the solutions that we offer. A well-organised R&D department continuously ensures that all our offered solutions are in line with the latest technology equipment. At the same time, the company ensures and guarantees in writing the quality, compliance and durability of its solutions.

Today the company’s registered and head offices are located in east Thessaloniki, at 174 K. Karamanli Ave., whereas the production and R&D facilities are located at a 1500m2 company-owned industrial plant at the Lakkoma Industrial Park in Chalkidiki. The 600m2 warehouses and utility areas of the company are also housed at the same location.

Thermotron SA, through its specialised R&D department is aiming at the continuous development of its machines and services, committed to upholding their quality and reliability, adhering to the highest quality standards of the international market.