We export to 40 countries worldwide

In the last two decades, Thermotron SA has established a strong international exports profile. The company started its exporting activity in 1994 and today has an active presence in over 40 countries worldwide. It should be noted that more than 95% of our annual production is destined for exports. The company Exports department is staffed by specialised professionals with extensive experience in exports and customer service, from simply providing information to our customers to making sure our products are safely delivered to their final destination.

Since the mid-2010s our company became widely recognised in its field, as its quality of manufacture and innovation attracted the interest of customers from all over the world. As a result, the company products are now showing rapid sales growth in each of our exporting countries. The ground-breaking new direction of the company management, aimed at diversification and innovation, has played a great part in creating a rich product portfolio, where candidate customers are able to select and customise their order, according to their individual needs.